My music was rejected. Can someone help me?

Hello, greetings to all members of the forum. I’m starting to create music for Audio Jungle now, and a song that I submitted for review was rejected. I would like anyone who can help me with a feedback or any tip I appreciate, because Envato refused the song but did not give me details about it.

Hi Amaral,

I listened and I like your chord progression and melody, this a nice composition but it’s the production and sound quality that lets it down. It isnt professional enough to stand up next to the other music on AJ.

Firstly the opening piano, it is a little distorted and sounds quite computerised. If you played this in, or just looked at the dynamics /velocity of each impulse you could vary these to make it sound more natural and even loosen up the timing a little (drag things slightly off the line here and there to humanise it.

Second, Im great believer that you can do a lot with a little, but there’s only so far you can push a bad sample. You might be able to get more out of these samples you are using with better mixing and editing but I think you would benefit from using some more professional samples (especially the piano and drums). There are lots out there for free at the moment if you look, either on demo or just being given away. If you have money to spend consider investing in some better sample libraries.

Spitfire audio are giving away a lite version of their BBC symphony orchestra if you fill in a survey at the moment. They also ahve an entire free Virtual instrument called labs that they release new samples and addons for all the time.

Use some of the other pieces similar to yours as a reference for your mixes and overall sound. if you play a little of yours then a little of an accepted AJ song you can see if yours holds up well against them.

All this is only my opinion of course. I am still new to AJ and am waiting to see if my own tracks are accepted (Long review queue at the moment!). We are all always learning and improving and you’ve got the beginnings of something good there if you invest some time and money to improve the presentation and your techniques.

I hope this is helpful, good luck!

Also, on my second listen further in, I’m not really hearing any low end frequencies. Your missing the punch on the bassdrum and I dont think there is a bass instrument in there at all is there? Either use a bowed bass, picked upright or bass guitar to fill out that lower end.
Watch some youtube videos on how to beef up your drum sounds using compression and eq (they come free with most DAWs)

Hello!! I really appreciate your feedback. I’m sure it will help me a lot in the future. I will follow your advice.
Thank you my friend.

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No problem. Good luck

Hi there,

I think using some newer instruments will go a long way toward helping the overall sound of the track. If you want this to be a motivational, corporate type of track I would speed it up a bit, and add some rhythmic elements, either percussions or arpeggios to it as well. Also adding some syncopation to the bass and piano would help this too. Finally the track needs to have a second section of some kind so that the same lead/melody isn’t playing all the way through, and perhaps even a break between sections.

Good luck!

  • Nathan

how long do you produce if I may ask?

Thanks for the tips, they will help me a lot!!
Thank you my friend!!

A little while ago, to be quite honest, this is the first production that hasn’t gone completely horrible. I am a beginner in music production, I would say just over a month, but I already have prior knowledge of music theory and I am a musician.

yes as the guys say, you need to step up your production and mixing. choose good libraries and learn how to make the mix sound properly, definitely needs lots of practice. Good luck man

Thank you friend, I will follow your advice.