My logo

If is ok or not? I need feedback thank you.

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hi this is rather original and funny , globally cute but it seems that the “rocket” theme has been extensively used in the past and i am not sure that they will be likely to accept something in this subject. In addition, the typo is clean but a bit “common” so to speak, all the same. U may try to increase the tagline slightly and and / or make it bolder, since, at this stage, this is not super visible. U should also avoid previews in which the logo is not contrasting enough with the background , as not underlining your work … (cf screen 1). If i were u , i would try to imbricate clods more into the design if u really want to keep them, not sure that this is better to have it since, details are not really working super well when logos are considered in a small size

Thank you so much, I will fix this logo :slight_smile:

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de nada, Jeri , buena suerte :slight_smile: