My Logo Template has been rejected????WHY???

need your help i am frustrated 3 to 4 times my logo got rejected.
kunal kapoor


Your logo is nice, I not understand why rejected.

Thanks for the reply.

i have checked your profile you also have created the logos can you describe what is the guideline or step you followed for the logo.

if you describe this really means a lot.


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See you, now my template from graphicriver hard rejected I not understand why, i think that bad my account but I already submit a message support.

But 3 years ago approved graphicriver :frowning:

All my logos have also been rejected for the 25th time or more. I wonder what is it that I’m not doing right?!

Hello , same with me my logo is also rejected , i don’t know why .

Nice logo. But it might be showing that the bunny is doing something else other than hopping or jumping. Also check your color choice. Purple is more used for creativity or luxury rather than joy.

kindly suggest me a title and color

You need a new concept. This one is showing like the bunny is in a mating position!!!

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