My logo template was rejected, but I don't know the reasons. ((SOLVED))

Hello everyone,

About 7 months ago I registered my first logo template on graphicriver, it was approved in the first submission, but it was a "test" with a simple presentation and a logo that was not very "professional".

A few weeks ago I was working on a new logo to send, where I created a professional presentation based on the great creators of graphicriver.

However my work was rejected, in the email I received it is only written: "unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won't be able to re-submit this item again"

But that message doesn’t help me understand what’s wrong.

I will send the images for your analysis, whoever can help me I will be forever grateful.

590 pixel wide JPG preview:

The size of my image is: 590x2858

ZIP file of images:

Image preview

Image preview 

Image preview 03: 

Image preview 04:

Image preview 05:

The size of these 5 images is 1000x1000

Video where I show the content:

Why does a website that earns billions does not provide any support for its creators?

The creators are the ones who make this site profitable, but when a breeder needs help they say: "leave your doubts in the forum" lol

I had a rejected job and I am trying to find out why for a few weeks and until today I have not received answers.

Update 03/25/2021

The ‚Äúproblem‚ÄĚ is SOLVED!! :smiley:

Today I had Envato’s answer listing everything that is wrong with my logo template.

I will leave here the print screen, where all the reasons for the rejection of my project are listed.

That way other people can avoid making the same mistakes that I made when sending.

I would like to thank the reviewer for providing adequate and very detailed feedback. I will make the necessary changes to resend.

Many thanks to @mgscoder, @charlie4282 and @Rhends everyone who took the time to help me, especially @n2n44, this guy is amazing!

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Nice , keep spirit bro never give up

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Thank you friend, I have many projects to send. Now I know exactly what I can do. Go work…