There is no support, why? ((SOLVED))

Hi, why does a website which has sold over 1 billion dollars does not provide any support for its creators?

The creators are the ones who make this site profitable, but when a breeder needs help they say: "leave your doubts in the forum" lol

I had a rejected job and I am trying to find out why for a several days and until today I have not received answers.

How will I know how I can work if the site does not offer me any support?

Update 03/25/2021

The “problem” is SOLVED!! :smiley:

Today I had Envato’s answer listing everything that is wrong with my logo template.

I will leave here the print screen, where all the reasons for the rejection of my project are listed.

That way other people can avoid making the same mistakes that I made when sending.

I would like to thank the reviewer for providing adequate and very detailed feedback. I will make the necessary changes to resend.

Many thanks to @mgscoder, @charlie4282 and @Rhends everyone who took the time to help me, especially @n2n44, this guy is amazing!

envato forum is a helping platform for authors when they need feedback from their fellow authors. Sometimes tag to authors [ as like @n2n44 (provide details feedback for the rejected item) ] can help you to get feedback. As your item is under graphicriver then authors from graphicriver can help you.

One thing sometimes I feel odd when a fellow author provide feedback then the topic author forget to tell them thanks, like feedback etc.

Hope your graphicriver fellow authors especially @n2n44 and @XioxGraphix and many others who active in forum can help you.

@mgscoder Thank you friend, I understand, but who would have to help me would be the people who rejected my work without telling me why!

If Envato answered the email with the reasons for the rejection, that would make me and other authors not waste time trying to guess where the problem is.

I think it is incredible for a website to earn so much money and leave the “problems” for its users to solve.

@n2n44 helped me a lot, he is an incredible person! However, we could not guess what would be responsible for the rejection of my work.

actually thousand of items received hard rejected daily and if reviewer provide the all items feedback then review time will increase and it can reach around 6 months. So, are you ready to wait for 6 months to get feedback of your item first submission and after this for each resubmission for soft reject will take around 3 months to get review. in this way to get approve a single item can take a full year or more than 1 year. in this way not only authors but also envato market will loss their status and positions. so, reviewer don’t provide full details review feedback for hard rejected items. But they mentioned the main reason as like for quality standard mean item need to make more commercial with premium values.

Hope you understand :slight_smile:

@mgscoder So, I know you’re trying to defend…

But it would not take even 1 minute for the reviewer to mention the main reason.

Unless the Envato hired only 2 reviewers to save money lol

I’m sorry, I don’t believe that such a large company cannot give the slightest reason why an art or project was rejected.

I spent many days creating the item, it was rejected and now I don’t know why. Only that.

no, I am not.
I am also an author and I can think the actual thing.

let me explain some more:
Lets think each market (themeforest, graphicsriver, codecanyon, …) receive around 1k items submission daily. and for review will need around 15 minutes and to write details feedback need around 15 minutes. So, per hour 2 items, 500 hours per market. each reviewer will work 8 hours mean will need 60+ reviewer per market mean around 400 reviewers for the envato market. now can you think how much have to give salary for the required 400 reviewers and how much have to earn envato to maintain this. also have another stuff. in this way author and market both will get their positions.

If you want to buy a watch will you give all of your rejected (not chose) watch feedback. definitely not but you will make a short list 2-5 watch (based on your standard) and will think about feedback for them and finally choose one of them for you. Same thing here reviewer provide feedback only for soft rejected items.

bro, here you must have very high skills and high quality standards, so you have to improve your skills before you enter here, being rejected is a common thing here, so keep up the spirit and don’t give up.

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actually it’s a simple matter bro, if you don’t like it, you just have to quit from Envato Market

@ Rhends bro, It’s not a matter of liking or disliking it, I just want to know why my project was not approved!

I’m not an amateur. Look at my work and tell me if the quality is bad:

that’s also a very simple answer, because your item has no selling value, and here is not a place to study, you have to study it yourself so that the item can be approved, because there are so many authors here if you ask for feedback it will take a very long time and will detrimental to other author. You just need to improve and keep up the spirit.

@Rhends Does my item have no sales value? Can you provide more details about that thought?

@Rhends See this work, why this item would have value and mine not:
(removed link)

that is 7 years old - standards move

you have to find it yourself, sorry that I do not have time to explain. You should know what to fix if you’ve seen other writers’ items that have been approve for sale. because in the past I was also often rejected but I can find what I need to improve

(removed link)

Lol. this item was 7 years ago bro, you should look at the item now. because envato is always raising the quality of their standards. You will only waste time comparing too many items. all you have to do is improve your own skills and look for lots of references

So I talked to people who have been working with brand creation for more than 15 years and no one can tell me why my item was rejected.

This is not 7 years old:

(removed link)
Please do not call out items, users or staff on the forums. As per our Community Guidelines

it’s not that I don’t know, but sorry it’s just not appropriate if you ask for too detailed an explanation, you have to find it yourself because you are a designer

what i’m saying is that i know my job is correct. I want to know the reason for the disapproval to send new projects. It’s hard for you to understand that?