My items on Envato Elements empty?

Hi, I see there are some published projects of mine on Elements

But empty on My Items page.

or am I overlooking something? sorry I’m new to Elements

It’s a bug. We all have no items in this section.

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The my Items page shows only items that are uploaded on that page as well. Video items can only be uploaded/enabled through videohive so if you only have video items you will not see your items there. If you upload a Font or a Flyer-Template via that page you will see it there.

At least that is my understanding of this page.

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Yeah, as @DOGmotion stated, this is how all author pages look. I’m hoping Envato implements better tools for authors on the Elements platform soon.

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hmm, still confusing… coz I want to check my Earnings Report

You need to click on Earnings Reports in the top left.

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hi, already did that… says no report available

Strange. Have you had reports before? When did you join Elements?

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got an invitation to join last month, then I noticed a new Elements tab on videohive dashboard… so I checked the ‘permission’ box… maybe I’ll wait next month to see…

Yeah if you didn’t have any content on there by the end of August then you won’t have an earnings report until the middle of October.

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thank you for the info, appreciate it

It’s a bug, I used to have it similarly

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I see, hoping to get fixed soon

I see, thanks for the info… now I understand

I see, all good then… thanks!