I sell two different categories on Envato Elements, but I can see just one on reports...

If I check my author profile on Elements, there are two categories: people can download both graphics and videos from my elements account.
Despite that, my reports work only for graphics. Why is that? People can download my videos through Elements and not just through Markets… Why I can’t see my earnings for videos on envato elements?

Many thanks!

Your Ispiraarts account on the Marketplace only includes video content, but I can see the graphics on your Elements one… did you upload your graphics directly to Elements? That shouldn’t affect it, but if you go to the item performance tab on your author dashboard, are you seeing video and graphics in the item category dropdown?

If that’s not the issue then you’d be best contacting Elements support, see if they can help.

Envato Elements Help and Support


The point is that people can download My videos with the Elements subscription… Why I’m not paid for the videos too, but just for graphics?

I get that, but just because the reports don’t show the videos, doesn’t mean you’re not getting paid for them. Have you added up all of the line items in your graphics report to see if it matches the total on the earnings tab? Are you certain you’ve had video downloads? Have you checked the item type dropdown to make sure videos are included via the applicable checkbox?

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If your items are new on Elements - it can take several days until they start to show in Report.

I think you just need to wait a few of days more and all will be there.


I’m sure I had downloads because videos show up in the “item performance” section.
But they don’t show up on the “earnings”.

I’m confused slightly as there’s nothing on the earnings tab to indicate what category your earnings are made up of… the only way to know if videos are or aren’t included in your earnings (even though they’re showing in your item performance tab) is to add up every line item in your item performance tab and see if it correlates with the total amount on your earnings tab. Either way, if you’re sure that it’s not right, you should contact support.

Thank you very much! I’ve sent them a message :slight_smile: