My item has been rejected

Dear All Can you give me advice on why my item has been rejected. It would be beneficial to have detailed feedback.

Hi johard1994,

My insights:

  • Strict commercial usage. How many people/companies will consider to purchase your logo?
  • For example, I have concern about tall logos that are short in width. Of course it is not a rule, but your logo wouldn’t fit well in a short website top bar.
  • Flat design, very simplistic.
  • The M curls aren’t good, it seems not related to any shape of the hat.
  • Typography not got, seems not related to the logo in general, maybe a bolder font.
  • The logo name is “Universal Master”. Why use “Logo Name”? Replace it by an interesting and short slogan or remove it.
  • Improve your final presentation with a mockup, use varied backgrounds and colors, emulate your logo in objects. Here a conceptual example (not exactly this):


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i think that this is not the real deal but rather the discrepancy between elements horizontally , if u as me …

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hi , the kind of comment that your item inspires me to make is that u seem to be caught a bit in the middle of the way … i mean , in particular concept wise , since i can see a graduate though i cannot see his or her face in anyway … and this is a bit hard for me ton consider , as such that the logo maybe about a "M’ letter with a graduate hat on top of it, so to speak … i guess that u have to try to fond a way to fix just this … in addition, the typo is really super basic to say the least , when u know how much typo matters here , no matter what is the category that u belong to, u really that with such a flat typo like the one u have right now, this is going to be complicated to have anything accepted in GR. Here typo is a main focus, keep this in mind, expectations are high about it and it will take u to introduce variations, font combinations and possibly touches of originality so that u can ultimately generate some relief with the text part … u also have a global misbalance horizontally due to the fact that interlettering is too wide, the name is too long and your illustration part is quite compact horizontally speaking, which creates a big discrepancy between both parts. The logo as such is also a bit flat color wise, since a bot monolithic in a way