why was my item rejected

hi ,in my case i understand why these logos have been rejected. Indeed, there is a lot of thing to say but to start with, the global style is really outdated in the first place. Now let’s try to consider logo per logo

cart one
apart from the matter of general style, this is really looking bulky when oit comes to the “main body” of the logo and apart from lacing finesse, the focus is being put on what is not supposed to be the cart and thus the main concept of the logo. I also tend to believe that the ida of the cart is definitely a really used one and that it may not look super original to reviewers. Otherwise, the typo part is rather weak, this is not bringing anything much to the table, in particular as far as impact goes … the main name is not outstanding and there is too much of a discrepancy all the same between tag and name. The logo looks not really exploitable in horizontal version as well because of t7he inclination of the cart and the already bulky appearance of it. This is really not a super good idea to have a logo put in the preview just like what u have been doing as there is a global lack of contrast. This is the logo that u are selling and not the mockup and the mockup should help u to “sell the logo”, while this is almost the other way around that happens here

as for me the first thing that rings a bell for me is that there is , in my view a discrepancy in the first place between the name and what the logo looks like, then, after analyzing, we say , oh ok … but this should be instinctive and real a bell all of a sudden for the logo to look really efficient. However the idea is really not bad and there is probably something to do out of it. I guess that the main problem here is that the hand position does not realistic considering “the scene”. I mean if u sort of wrap a basket around with your arm and hand, the hand will not be turned this way, for sure … and there is an impact on the understanding of the concept , if u wish. Another issue that i see is that paired colors are not really being matching super well in the context where they are being used , apart from not being really looking realistic , too. Once again, in terms of typo this is really flat and there is a lack of variations, font combinations and touches of originality to bring some relief and hierarchy to the table. For me there is also a problem of proportion between illustration part and text one as the illustration part is really prevailing over the text one