My item costing U$15,00 was sold for U$12,00

My item costing 15 was sold for 12, and with all fees applied, I received $ 3.90. Is this right? I do not know who to turn to to clear this doubt. How could my client pay 12 if it cost 15? Has anyone ever experienced this?

This is due to Envato’s over complicated pricing system.

Buyer did pay $15 (plus VAT depending on where they’re from).

The list price $15 is made up of of the item price $12 + a 20% buyer’s fee.

So what you (virtually) get is $12 out of which you pay US taxes if you haven’t fill the W8 form and/or are not eligible for a tax treaty, as well as an author fee (what you pay for Envato “services”).

You should fill the W8 form so that your non-US sales are not taxed, and if your country has a tax treaty with the US you could reduce or void altogether taxes on your US sales as well.


Thanks, @PurpleFogSound. You were very clear and it helped me. Now I need to understand the W8 better. I have difficulty with these terms. I’m in Brazil, I’ll try to find out what I can do about this!


thanks, @romlam !

Unfortunately, it looks like Brazil doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US. So you’ll still be taxed on US sales, I’m afraid. However, once you submit your W8 as shown in the above video, your non-US sales won’t be taxed.

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Thanks one more time, @PurpleFogSound

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