My imprexa thema log in details

Hi, how do i find out what my impreza theme log in details are?

You will have had to create this when you installed and activated the theme in your website?

Hi and thanks.

yes, i get that - the problem is that it was created by the web designer and I have not access to them any longer. How do I now update the theme?

for updating theme you have to collect login access from your designer. Even you can upload update theme through ftp but for doing site contant update, plugin update and overal manage site functionality you will need wp-admin access. So you have to collect login credential. Thanks

Thanks I have full access to the site and all… I just dont know the acct detais for the theme…

please check theme documentation hope you will get details about the theme. Also you can Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author for any query. Thanks

Just to be clear - you cannot get access to updates etc. if the item was purchased from someone else’s account - that will only ever be avalaible to the buying account.