My html template is rejected again, while i uploaded new design and made by myself

I have uploaded a newly created HTML template by myself. I have uploaded the proper documentation as well. But again the Envato quality team has rejected this template.

I would like to know, which kind of quality standard is missing in this template so I can improve it and try to create something new because now Envato can not allow to upload this item again.

Here is the link to preview my template:

I am trying to upload my first item and it has been rejected so I need to improve and empower more to my design and myself.
Thank you and give your suggestions for it.

As per previous threads this is far too basic and simple for approval

Could easily find free options online


Okay so it seems disheartening to try, and then get rejected but unfortunately that is life and that is how we learn.

In your example here (if this helps you) it is a coming soon template.

At first glance it looks nice yes, but then where does it go from there? A holding template ideally should have a contact page - or a CALL TO ACTION. You have an about page with what could be best described as with lazy Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet text, and useless mailto links.

You should look at what is selling on the marketplace - so go to:

And then compare some of the best ones there (890) to look at, and see how you can then get better. Keep trying and don’t give up - we all keep learning.