my flyer is ok or error?

hi to all:

please help me my flyer if is ok or error, before submit graphicriver many thanks.

this is not too bad , this is rather punchy , though i tend to believe that header and footer slanted texts are not a good idea indeed. The texts are not flagged the same way and this is violating rules indeed. I think u should drop shadows under the titles to make things smoother. White texts are a bit lacking contrast with the background. The “best” banner is not arranged well with the set of three ice cream cones

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muchas gracias voy a arreglar :slight_smile: saludos.

Hello there,

What software do you use to create flyers like this? Thanks for your answer

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photoshop :slight_smile:

Do you know maybe how much does a license for Photoshop costs? I imagine I cannot use it for free.

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please write message my profile, i will help you personal many thanks.

The official subscription is not expensive

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