My first year on Audiojungle and weekly top seller!


Hi, guys!
Today I wanna share something with you. In this month I celebrate my first anniversary at Envato market. I had to work really hard at first, so hard, that I didn’t pay attention to my own wedding preparations. My wife did the whole wedding stuff and I was like “I need to make more tracks” and when we were at our honeymoon I was always looking for wi-fi to check my sales. And now, my hard working is totally paid off. Finally, I bought myself PLAYSTATION 4!!! :smile:
And also now, one of my tracks is in the Weekly Top Sellers. Thank you, Envato for this great opportunity to express yourself and make money in same time!


congrats my man thats cool


Congrats; that’s awesome! I’m still trying to reach that goal myself. Hoping I’ll get there soon.

Keep up the great work! And - nice track! :sunglasses:


Amazing!I still haven’t got my weekly seller badge, congrats for that! :smiley:


Thanks! You got it, I believe in you! :slight_smile:


Congrats :wink: