1 year has passed...

In October 2018, exactly a year, as I registered on the Audiojungle! By uploading the first tracks, I (probably like all new authorsl:) hoped for an immediate rise in sales, extended licenses, featured files, VIP locations in popular files, thousands of dollars, carefree life, and so on … and preferably in first months)))) But of course it did not happen. Now I realize that to expect this was at least naive. Of course, I wanted to do more this year, write more tracks, record more songs, but everything turned out as it happened. I learned a lot this year and I want this development process (as a musician) not to stop in the future. I want to share positive emotions with the whole friendly community of Envato, to say that you guys are all just awesome !!! I want to reach great heights, to realize all the plans. I wish all the authors and members of the Envato team success in their work and life !!! :beer::beers::beer::beers::beer::beers::beer::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::firecracker:


Congrats @Lemonello :slight_smile: Welcome to the family, we also passed a year in this month, and is awesome how many things we learned :smiley: So how is this ? The honey and the lemon? Ahahahaha :grin:
Keep up the great work and good luck! :footprints: :four_leaf_clover:

Lilla from HoneyLoud :sun_behind_large_cloud:

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Thanks a lot, Lilla!) Same to you!

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Hi! Congratulations, you have done a lot in 1 year. I also joined 1 year ago but as all my tracks had been (rightly) rejected I took some time to learn a bit more. :clinking_glasses:

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