One year from first upload


The first file aprooved was a year ago so itโ€™s exactly one year of my exsiting on AudioJungle :smile:
Im more then satisfied with sales, people i met here and alot of good things.
I hope this will continue to grow no matter of new tax shock that i have to take on my back.

I wish to thank to all my customers and authors who really help me out to improve my quality in production :smile:


Youโ€™ve accomplished quite a lot in just one year! Props!


You did a great job, keep up the good work, Sir!


Thank you guys! :smile:


Congratulations, Nikola! :smile:

My one-year AJ anniversary is April next year, though my 1-year badge will appear in December. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!
You also doing great man! :smile:


Congratulations Nikola! I love your music! :slight_smile:


Thank you man! Glad to hear that! :smile:


Congratulations! Keep it up! Pozdrav Srbendo :smile:


Hvala bro!! :smile:


huge congrats my friend, wish u tons of successes here :wink:


Thank you bro!


An excellent result during this period. Keep a good work!


Congrats man! Awesome first year!


Congratulations!!! :tada: Best wishes, MotionAudio ! :blush:


Thanks guys! :smile:


congrats bro, it was a great first year! :wink:


Congrats! and good luck on second year


Thanks guys :slight_smile: i apriciate you comments :smile:


Congrats Mega Music. Hope your 2nd year is even better!