29 sales and 1 year on audiojungle!!! Thank you, Envato)



Hi, people :grinning: My name is Glib!
In October, I had the honor to celebrate the 1 st anniversary of my stay on Audiojungle. Currently I have the following progress: 29 sales :sunny: My first items I started to upload from March, although registered in October. I would like to spend more time making music and, unfortunately, is not always possible.
I am very grateful Envato team and all those who care about me. Good luck in your endeavors.:sparkles:


Happy birthday !!! And congrats with sales !!!


Congratulations on the anniversary :tada:


Congratulations on the anniversary :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congrats on the anniversary! @GliBond :tada:




congratulation. Good luck brother.:tada:


Congratulation! Where is the cake?.. :yum:
It seems that we started uploading at the same time (March).
Hang in there. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Klangwerkstatt :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Thank you, kimlongmusic :smiley:


Thanks, AlekseyZhdanov :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Thanks, janxcode_team :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Thanks, Blue_Giraffe :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Thanks, wow_themes :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Thanks, WildLion_Production :slight_smile:
take :cake: :tea:


Congrats! Wish you more sales :slight_smile:




Поздравляю !))


Congratulations! Keep going with good sound and sales will coming more and more!!! :muscle:


Happy birthday !!!