500th Sale!

Hey guys,

I just hit the 500th sales mark and i’m very happy. Those milestones are very motivational, and i want to thank you all for your support. Creating stuff is awesome, and being able to sell it all around the world is even more. Thanks Envato, friends and customers!



Congrats! As someone who just passed 50 sales, it’s inspiring to see so many posts by people who have had such great success on here.

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You worked hard, you deserve it!

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Congrats !

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Congrats mate!

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Congrats! I’m following you soon!

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Thanks guys!

All of this posts really motivate me now that I’m going to start selling templates.
Congratulations and hope you sell a lot more.

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Wow, big big big congrats, mate. It is a great achievement.

Amazing!!congrats for that :smile:

Congratulations, HBPsounds! Great achievement!

Wow!! Congratulation!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations!! :smile:

Congrats HBPsounds! Super achievement with just 44 tracks.

I’m not far behind you, but with a “LOT” more tracks and longer time being here. :smile: