My first VH AFX Project rejection!


WellI have finally made it into the item rejection club…

Not totally sure why, thought it was quite a neat little project for people to use.

I agree yes it was a little basic but it had a prebuilt camera rig I’d made instead of using the archaic after effects camera motion.

The comments by the reviewer were… “It’s too easy to create something with Element 3D and make it look great” LOL

Anyway… If anyone is interested in the file please get in touch with me.

Many thanks,


Hey it’s a nice project, unfortunately there are already many similar projects, also the E3D section has a very high level of competition… I think this is the reason why it was rejected.

Make a freebie section on your website or social page and give it away for free, this will increase the traffic on your other items :wink: