My first Logo Template reject

Can you give me your opinion or advice … so I’ll know where I’m wrong.
Also, if someone can help me with this, what files should be prepared. I sent for review my logo in AI (CS), EPS (10v), AI (CS6), CDR, PNG and PSD

Thanks in advance

Your logo looks like something I would expect to see in the market… I can’t tell you what’s wrong, but I can definitely say it looks very well made. Nice job!

I just had my first submission rejected as well. Back to the drawing board :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:I think i have technical problem, but i don’t know what !?

Looks good but did you send this file? This looks like for promo, can you please share the original one? (not the source, preview)

Yes i send this for preview file. And this is preview 590x … (you can view full view - click on it).

Sorry, my bad.


Maybe minimizing the details on the tree and using green colors would help.
You may also consider to remove the slogan

All I can say is it’s a good logo, But I think you need few changes maybe add green color, change font, That’s all, and don’t give up on it, change again and again until they accept it, all the best.

Hi, That’s a very nice design. But you can improve it by changing the color scheme and the typography of the slogan. Good luck dear. :slight_smile:

Thank you of all! I will try with different color … do not know about the font…
if anyone has other suggestions for changes … let’s write!

Best regards