My first logo, rejected ... please HELP!

Hello friend, please help me to review my first logo, how do you think about this logo?
I have uploaded, but rejected. Is there something wrong ?
Please advice and input that is very valuable to me. Thanks

I like it, but I can think of 2 possible reasons for rejection. One is that it’s not really that clear a concept, what would it be used for? Plus it doesn’t look much like a robot, more like a house with a face and an antenna. Other thing is that you may need to include more versions - if you look at approved logos they usually have a bit more in the preview than you’ve got.

Thanks for your attention, but Other versions, which I include in the preview like below:

OK, then the other issues I mentioned might be the reason.

Yeah, I thought it was a cross between a TV and a house.

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The logo looks great but I think the main reason why it got rejected is because it is TOO SPECIFIC. It needs to be generic that you can use at least 90% of all industries.

Your logo will be a great fit for industries making robots or selling robots which are not so many.

Hope this helps a bit.