Need Feedback - Hard Reject Logo - first submission

Hi, Hallo everyone. I’m new here and I just got rejected for my first logo submission.
I hope you can give me some feed back, thank you.

I think is it becuase the logo is to simple, like basic shape?
because what I see is simple is better, and easy to recognize.

hi and welcome
well i personally think this is not bad and i like the the looks of this logo. However, the tagline is not well proportioned is u ask as the spacing between letter is not making the text look attractive , not to mention that that u use the black colour when indeed do not use it anywhere else. So is that the the most appropriate choice? I also tend to believe that the combination of colors that u have opted for is not necessarily the most efficient that u could have done. U should think about complementary colors indeed. I do not know what to think about your typo too it looks clean but this is a bit plain too , maybe introducing some originality a bit would be welcome, i guess u can do this by combining typos a bit more

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Hi, thank you for your response.

I see I got your point and where should I pay attention more.
I’m not quite sure my self about the font face actually, I will research more.

Thank you.

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hi pls keep in mind typo is much of an issue here, sometimes even prevailing , good luck and good work :slight_smile: