My first logo get Sold ... Im so excited :)

HI Guys

Im so excited

after Uploading this logo

I don’t really had much hope for this file to get sold quickly
But then here you go. after get uploaded 24 hours ago my file directly got Bought by client from US

its just wow… Like I can believe it

Thanks for envato for changing my thought.


congrats…my forst item was accepted too

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Congratulation @Kurt_HRP :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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thank you man

I hope you get big sales :slight_smile: too

Thanks dude… I hope you too

Congratulation man :slight_smile:

Did you go through a rejection phase before your item got accepted?!

It would be nice to share your experience.

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no Man, they just simply accept my file

That’s incredible dude. It seems you know exactly what is required in terms of Envato Quality Standards. Unlike some of us. I got all my items rejected. What’s your secret if you don’t mind sharing?!
What do you think might be wrong with this logo?



Congrats man! I wish you even more sells in the future! :slight_smile:

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I think your logo is good
but maybe you should try to make it more simple,
I think your logo to much shape with small size and for the color maybe you should try other color scheme.
You can check on internet for the latest logo trend style 2017. like this site ,or just google it.

that’s my two cent

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your design is nice creative :slight_smile:


Congrats buddy!!!

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Thanks man …

btw we meet again :smile:

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And this time for good vibes :wink:

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yeah… Finally get sold

after all that rejected file :smiley: hahah


Got it man, thanks for the tips

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hey congrats ! :slight_smile: don’t loose this excitement of getting your future items sold,
it will propel you through the future :slight_smile:

Oh, man, you are the same unlucky as me, I also wonder the secret.

Congratulations! Hope you get more sales!