My first item Queued for Review from 15 days

I have uploaded my first item 15 days ago and I have also check the envato item review status it shows php scripts take 13 days for review but my item still review 15days and I have not got any email so what can I do for this situation & how can I know the status?


It’s a week of holidays, so please be patient. There is no guaranteed review time and that page is only showing averages (actually, it showed 7 days for PHP scripts just a couple of days ago, so that suggests the true review time is definitely higher than 13).

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Thanks for your comment

The same case for me :confused:

don’t worry anyone. Holiday almost finish. so I hope all waiting Author will get their Item review result soon in their email. Happy New Year to all Envato Community

Same case for me. Submitted my code 2 weeks ago but still hasn’t been approved. Now a competitor of mined already upload his version somewhere else :disappointed_relieved:. Sad that my first code selling experience is like this :laughing:

Did they ever mention about this holiday anywhere? Feel like they should have warned us about this delay. Oh well