My PHP script is still in queue that crosses 3 days of review time

I have submitted a PHP script in Codecanyon before 10 days, but it is still in Queued for Review. I see that review time for new item is right now only 7 days. So my item is still in queue?

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance.

That number is only an average from the last week - it does not mean you will be reviewed within the same time frame, especially in the PHP scripts category where the reviewer is sometimes very unpredictable.

Is it still on your author dashboard as pending review? Then yes, it’s still in queue. If you don’t see it, then it was rejected so you should check the spam folder in your email for the soft/hard reject message.

Thank you for your response.

It is not rejected. I see it “Queued for Review” in my dashboard.

Also I got approved my past 6 items within the estimated time. First time, I am facing this problem.

My php item is in review for 11 days.

When I submitted the avg review time for new php items was 5 days.
I am worried now.

Yes, this is first time happening with me also. My last php script was approved within 5 days. This is first time I am waiting for such a long time.

Guys, it just means there’s a huge workload for Envato team, that’s it. For example, updated items have higher priority and get reviewed faster. However, I had situations when updated item was only reviewed in 5 days (while average review time for updated items was about 36 hours most often), but they got reviewed and approved actually.

So just chill :slight_smile:

You are correct. But depending on the workloads, Envato setup the review time. I never saw before that item queue time exceeds so many days of the given review time. So it is a matter of thinking. But I am still waiting and just posted here to know if any other person is facing the same situation.

Wow! My item is approved right now.

Thank you everyone for your comments.