It's been 9 days but still "Queued for Review "


It was 9 days. Why is it still under investigation? Thanks.


If you take a look here:, you can see that the average review time for PHP scripts is 6 days, and of course it can be a bit longer or even shorter, depends on how many items the reviewer(s) have to review before yours. I’m sure it will be reviewed very soon seeing as you’re only one day over the average wait time.


The 8th day is approaching. I hope it will not be approved in 2018.


Ahah very funny.

If you’re going to upload here you’ll want to learn patience. It’s taken about a week (it does vary obviously) to get reviewed on CodeCanyon for many years.

Also worth noting that the reviewer doesn’t always review items on weekends.


Yeah, but it’s been 9 days. The review section says 6 days. Should I be sad?


That is unfortunate that you have to wait that long, but I think it is normal. Even though the average is 6 days, it can definitely take longer. Just be patient and it will eventually be reviewed, they always do.


I am starting to think that racism is being done because I am Turkish. Because this misfortune can not be a chance. I think that waiting for so long can not be associated with luck. :’(


I do not think that at all, they are professional and would not discriminate. Besides there are many Turkish authors on Envato who have been successful.


Still under review. :’( How long does it take to estimate? Do I have to communicate with the Envato support system?


Opening a ticket will do nothing for you.
Just wait, man. Patience. Your review will come.


Okay, thanks. But they rejected all my products. I think it was done intentionally. They say they do not meet quality standards. Bullshit :S


Don’t take item rejection personally. Take it as a critique and an opportunity to improve your items. The first 15 items that I submitted where rejected every time, which forced me to make changes and figure out what I need to do to improve them. Eventually I got to the point where I understood what I needed to do, and am now able to get my items accepted every time. Of course it was frustrating and I was getting quite upset that my hard work was constantly rejected, but ultimately I’m happy for it as I am now a much better at what I do compared to back then.


Also, keep in mind that the Specialists and Reviewers for each marketplace are looking for technical quality as well as commercial viability - many rejected items have one of those aspects, but not the other. The reviewers work through a lot of submissions, and have a very good eye for their category - treat your first few submissions as a learning exercise, giving you a chance to either refine those items (if they’re soft rejected), or change direction (if they’re hard rejected).

Disclaimer: I’m not part of the review team, but work with a lot of our Elite Authors (>$75k in total sales). Almost every successful author on the Envato marketplaces started out with rejected items, and then adjusted their approach once they found their niche.

We also definitely don’t discriminate on nationality. Within the Elite Author community alone, there are now 102 different countries represented. As @Xiox mentioned, don’t take an item rejection personally - learn what you can from it, and move on. Good luck!


My first item was approved exactly on the day that was shown in this url and another item was approved 2 days earlier then the day shown in above url. About re-submission one of my item got approved within 2hrs from the the time I resubmitted and the last item is in queue for 2 days which I resubmitted. So I guess the time line will totally depend on the list of items assigned for the reviewer. One thing is for sure that your item will be reviewed sooner or later, it wont be left in the dustbin.


Mine was also rejected after 7 days of review. I’m really confused why it was rejected even though it’s obviously better than existing competing scripts in the same category. I’ve re-submitted it again after re-writing the core files and fixing the entire script and now I’m waiting for a positive result.