my first html template it ready for submission ?

hi everyone i want to know your opinion about my new template and to know if it ready for submission on themeforest or not please have a lock on:

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Looks nice, but it is very slow to load, scrolling is slow at times, uneven and choppy in some areas (I have very fast computer with a lot of memory). Similar is on mobile device where most elements don’t have smooth left/right animation.

Once you fix these issues, I think that visually looks great and slick. But, check out other HTML templates, this might be too simple for ThemeForest, I have noticed that many simple themes get rejected. If I am the reviewer, I would accept it.


Nice template, but lack of unique details :slight_smile:

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thanks for this great feedback … i’ll work on it and add some unique sections . thanks very much

thanks bro …i’ll add some details

Everything must be pixel perfect. Good luck! :wink:


Mobile version

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well done :smiley: but what’s your opinion about the design ?