Feedback template before submission

Hello everyone

I just finished my first template for themeforest and i want your feedback before i submit it on the site.
This is an HTML Mobile Template so test the link with a mobile device or mobile emulation of your browser.

Template Link


I’m not a expert, But in my opinion, This template is too simple, but wait for others respond, :wink:

Best of Luck

I don’t think .
There are others very simple templates in this category
[MOD Removed Calling Out Files]

I have add new features
What do you think now ?


I saw the template. the ios is look is nice. but template is very simple. which is looking like under development version and also as a free html template.

to submit here . to should look rich and should has good look :smile:
i am not expert in this. but i just told my tought… if i am wrong. sorry :frowning: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.
I submit the template next week.
Hoping a positive response.