My file graphicriver was hard rejected but nothing help me


Author nothing help me my file approved graphicriver but many times was hard rejected peoples of envato are bad with me


nothing help me

you can share the details of the items you’re having trouble getting support for in this forum. users with similar problems can help you

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It always happens the same thing I design, they say forum for me, my design is very good but same rejections 1000 times I get bored apologize.

Do you understand me?

Maybe old my account highest rejection because 4 years ago approved my items.

You see my example design hard rejected graphicriver.

I understand you very well. There are many users who are experiencing this problem for sure, one of them its me :slight_smile: your work is very good, it looks quite handy and clear. I do not know the exact reason for the rejection but there may be a lot of work like this on the market. Maybe it is necessary to make a little difference


Yes I not understand graphicriver I not can work :’( but I am working on themeforest approved my designs but I love graphicriver also :frowning:

HI Jeri, as for me i dail to understand how u can get your items approved in themeforest, that is said to be the crown gewel of envato and the very most difficult place lol and that u cannot make it in GR … LOL

u know , honestly , more seriously, i suggest u to stick to what is working, u cannot even imagine how many of us have incredible hard rejections … some of my friends are very talented and they almost cannot have any item approved anymore … while they post their things in cm, unchanged things and that they manage to sell the items much there , when cm as a way lower buyer potential …

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