My favorite corporate track

I like this track. But it has zero sales :frowning2:. What is your opinion about him?

It’s got ‘inspiring’ and ‘corporate’ in the title and it’s in the ‘corporate’ category. It’s one of a thousand similar tracks and is lost in the search engine so that’s probably why it has no sales.

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To my taste bass drum sound is to hard. Good luck for sales :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice!
I thought only about the tags .

Thank you.
You’re right. Now I try to do the soft drums . But despite this I like the mood of the track )

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  1. It’s probably already lost in the most clogged category af all, competing against 1000s of more or less the same tracks

  2. The sound is not really inspiring but rather harsh, it has a mechanical, non-human touch, plus the beat is too loud.

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