Looking for music called "The corporate"


Hi all,

I’m new in Audiojungle. I have downloaded a music preview called The Corporate, yesterday i decided to purchase this track for my project. Unfortunately I forgot the Author name, and so many The Corporate in search results.

D-Music have similar music but is not the same as the preview.

here is the preview file. http://we.tl/T8LnayW8b1

Thank you

James Leong


You can use soundizer in future for this kind of searching. http://sample.soundizer.com/?SearchBy=mp3


hi , i think that u are talking about MegaMusic 's one (Nikola) , but the link that he put here was not yet completely approved and we was about to have it accepted in the marketplace


The track you have put to search for is this : http://audiojungle.net/item/inspirational/12686213?ref=soundizer
And the track you named “The Corporate” is this : http://audiojungle.net/item/the-corporate/13004453


By the way, thank you for the purchase and don’t forget to rate!
Cheers :smile:


Thanks for your info!
Soundizer is a good tool, thanks for the recommendation.



Thanks! got it


i thought so :wink:


hey Nikola, i will ask for referral lol hahahah i am an efficient seller of your art lol kidding but i was almost sure that he was referring to your superb work of the other day and i am happy that the two of u could get satisfied with this transaction :wink:


did you find it?


Yes, thank you


I think there’s about 10,000+ tracks named that or similar… :wink: