My downloads (purchased) are gone

I Have more than 30 downloads by Envato they are gone in my downloads why? I need that
as soon as possible. I have 2 week a go purchased something and that is not longer in my downloads strange.

These are purchases from the main marketplaces like themeforest or graphicriver and not files you downloaded from envato elements?

Are you sure that you are logged into the correct account? You only have a buyer level 1 badge which I thought meant up to 10 items purchased in total

The download are from themeforest … Yes it is the correct account (email) i see 1 download in my download and that is not from me i can show that i have more downloads in the history done.

It sounds like this is a different account (check account names on any email confirmation) so your best option is to email Envato Market Help and Support

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Ok thanks!