I can't find my purchase

I just purchased several audio clips. I got a confirmation email, but I can’t find my downloads. Even the link that is supposed to take me to my licensing agreements doesn’t. It takes me to a page that’s trying to sell me a monthly subscription. Help.

you purchased item from envato market nor downloaded item from envato elements? you are searching purchase code for envato market nor envato elements?

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I can’t understand your sentences. I’ll try to explain what I mean more clearly. I purchased items from Envato Market. I received an email confirmation of those items and a link to follow that was supposed to allow me to get my license certificates. I followed the link. It took me to an Envato Market page. The page would not allow me to sign in. The page did not have links for me to download my purchases. The page did not have my license certificates. I looked for help and found a video. The video showed me a page that looked very different from the page that the email link sent me to. That page did not give me the dropdown menu that the video used to get to a download section. I received a second email from Envato Elements. I did find a dropdown box there. It said that I didn’t have any downloads.


I can’t find your account (gloriadowell) in envato market.
Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Resolved. Just in case someone else has this problem. The account I used to pay for my purchases has two email addresses attached to it. The email I use for envato was different from the one attached to my payment account. I didn’t realize that I needed to verify my account and this delayed my purchase.