"My Downloads" disappeared

Earlier today, I found previous downloads in “My Downloads”… previously paid for and downloaded. I re-downloaded one that I needed today. Later, I needed to do it again but this time the “My Downloads” folder was completely empty. Where did “My Downloads” go.

There’s a known issue/bug with the “Downloads” section that the items you have purchased may not be listed there. If you remember which items you purchased, you can just go to the item page and use “Download” button to get the files.

Apart from that, you should report the bug to the support, they could provide a fix for you

That didn’t work. I did as you suggested and found the page for that specific download. However, it makes you “subscribe” to download it, effectively making you pay for it again.

Make sure you have “active” subscription period if it’s Elements.

2 days ago - when I signed in - my previous downloads were all in the “My Downloads” folder. I downloaded one of those plugins with no incident. However, later that day, I had to do it again, except this time when I went to “My Downloads”, I was greeted with this message: “You haven’t downloaded anything yet.”
Then, when I navigated to the specific app page and found the app, the only options was “Subscribe to download”, meaning I had to pay for it - AGAIN. I’m simply not going to pay again for an a plugin I already paid for.

And yes - I confirmed I was signed in to my account all the while.

Contact support.