my cv resume is ok or error i need feedback.

hi to all:

I need a feedback if is ok or error my cv resume many thanks.

and bad colors cv resume background or not?

many thanks.


please help me thanks.

You have many issues: typography, spacing, alignments, readability, functionality, creativity, colors. I don’t understand why you do the same mistakes over and over again.

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many thanks. I will fix cv/resume again, it’s i never create cv/resume but it’s my first cv resume regards.

hi first of all think about harmony , try to select complementary colors …

try to introduce some originality both in the global style and the typography, it will help u have a better hierarchy of information

forget about the in both side and top stripes this looks austere otherwise …

try to divide the right part into at least three parts instead of 2 and reduce what is your 3rd one right now, this looks repetitive with the sideway part …

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many thanks, my cv resume was hard rejected because error colors and not good creative, i try good creative and also colors many thanks again.

hay que concentrarte para proponer une hiejarquia solida , para que los títulos son puestos de relieve , es importante todavía pero en particular con cv productos