My collaboration with another author is a problem

Hello guys,

I have problem when i make a collaboration with another author,
I have HTML template and I make a collaboration with wordpress author, and my item is uploaded on his portfolio, and after a year, he didn’t send every earning on this last 3 months, even he didn’t reply my email, and reply buyer comment for a long time (1 month average)

I have contacted envato support but they can’t help me because envato doesn’t recommended the collaboration.

I want to delete my item on his portfolio but I don’t know how, may you can help me to find a way to solve the problem

here is the product link :

Thank You
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I hope envato staff read about that and make some regulations regarding item collaboration.

Maybe you should mention the author or the product name here, and hope it will push him/her to make some clarification.

edited I add the link to the product

I hope that too

Just submit a copyright takedown notice.That should be enough.