My audiojungle items are gone after filling out the online form

Hey all

Can any mods have a look at this why my audiojungle items are gone?



Write to support with this issue.

Hi Lester,

What online form are you talking about?

Recently, one reason for AJ items to be hidden, is the new PRO policy. You have to declare whether you’re PRO affiliated or not. You then have to edit each item and fill the PRO fields, for the items to reappear in your portfolio. Maybe this is what’s going on here?

Hi there

I did check the non pro on the page and i thought that was it for me to do.
There was a link that envato sent in an email so i just followed the link
and selected non pro. Then i saw that my files disappeared. So dont know
what happened.
I also do not see the files hidden so i cannot do anything with them.
Any ideas would be great



From what you describe, it does sound like your issue is PRO related (also there is no other explanation for the disappearance of a whole portfolio). Your AJ files should be found under the “Hidden” tab of your dashboard. The fact that they don’t is weird and thus you should contact support.

Hope you sort it out!

All good my AJ portfolio is back.

Thanks Support