My AE project was hard rejected. Any feedback?


Hi, aweryone, I uploaded an AE project (title placeholder), and I recieved an email:
_" Thanks for submitting your file, however, we are unable to accept the item for sale on the Videohive marketplace. _
After reviewing the animation, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality and originality standards.
_When reviewing files, we take into consideration the broadcast quality, usefulness for our customers and flexibility of the file. Unfortunately, this animation does not meet our criteria."

This is my first upoading project, so I want to understand my mistakes
Really video so bad? Here is preview


my opinion:

  • remove glitch effect or reduce it - too much
  • remove “more detailed information” - what can be written there… ? i didnt found much ways to use it
    i think your template can be used as corporate slideshow, try to add an image placeholders below titles (change description to image).
    and modular structure would be nice (if not done yet)