My account suddenly got locked

I really don’t know what happen, but suddenly my account is locked.
Does anybody have any experience about this? and how to resolve this quick(i already create ticket)?
The problem is i can’t even see my page or my portfolios, and i just released a new theme 2 days ago and if i waited for the reply from support, i believe its gonna take a few days.

Hope somebody can give some useful advice here.

I’ll get the Help Team on the case!

If you have your Help Ticket number handy, please let me know. Thanks!

Thank you @KingDog
this is my ticket id 299861

Thanks! We’ll get some investigation done on it.

It’s already resolved. Really thanks for your help @KingDog

It would be great if I could take all the credit…but I only passed it on to the experts. However, if you don’t say anything…and I don’t say anything…then maybe I can take all the credit! :slight_smile:


We have superhero here “KingDog” :smiley:

How long is it going to take to unlock my account. I have raised so many tickets and yet my account remains locked.

  1. 296972
  2. 301249
  3. 305770

All of them for the same issue. What’s the scheme here?
Forcing everyone to create a new account and increasing your user database?

I do not understand why my account is locked.
311 107
check to help me

Hi KingDog!
My account is locked and how to resolve this quick (i already create ticket)
ID: 311 112
Please help me solve.
Thank you

Heya. All account related issues and questions will be answered by the Help team in the form of a ticket. If you have a ticket created, they will be in contact as soon as they are able. Thanks!