My accepted items rejected!!!

Hi, I had made a bundle with 2 flyers which are already accepted in the Graphicriver, but unfortunately they hard rejected my items! What should I do now?

These are the links of the flyers:


I wouldnt call “bundle” which is only contains 2 flyers.

I don’t why you said that! There are already accepted flyer bundles in the Graphicriver available which consists two flyers, please check these links for evidence:

(links removed by mod)

yes u maybe right but showing other people’s item is not the way , i think that u can try again a bit later on or try to do somewhere else if u are not an exclusive author …

Hi, thanks for commenting, if I try a bit later then will this item get accepted? If so then what’s the reason behind accept if I try bit later?

I have personally no idea about it … Based on my personal experience, I would say thy no because even after changing greatly hardly rejected items when I have been rejected with an item it had never made it … However judging by what a lot of guys used to say in the forums , many guys managed to have their items approve this way … So that’s up to u to try or not , just let me remind u that this is not supposed to happen here that guys resubmit hard rejected items without major improvements and that according to rgulations u may get into trouble … Now that u know it all u can make your choice knowingly … However if u really want to know how I personally feel about it, I would instead find a place were to upload here rather than doing just that. This item has been unwanted in the first place so for me that’s by worth giving it a try here. This is a just my opinion , now u can do what u like … However I will emphasize that what u did in the first place is not done here . There’s no need to point at anybody else and anybody else’s work. Try to think about it , what about if someone did the same with u, would u appreciate it or be happy about it? I don’t think so …

The OP was not “promoting” his work; he merely posted links showing the items in question were accepted.

Also, he wasn’t criticising or otherwise saying the other author’s work was not worthy in any way; he was just using it as an example of a bundle consisting of two items.

People really need to chill, especially when the intent behind the breaking of a rule is completely benign. Otherwise, the enforcement of such rules serves only as a way of impeding and inhibiting discussion.


i am really sorry but i really can’t agree with u when it comes to showing stuff from other authors (even if am not concerned in this case, just to remind u that i sort of have no business in this story) … . The fact of the matter is that this is supposed to be a community here and what makes us be a part of a community is our ability to talk to each other and also the respect that we show to all authors, especially as we all know what we all have to go through (much efforts, countless working hours and so on and so forth) . Thus, for me, showing anybody’s work, for that extent, is really not the way … .

Besides, if @BROOD_DESIGNER has anything to complain about, he can definitely do, but he has to do to the concerned people … not third party ones who did not ask for anything and may have been a bit lucky unlike him but most importantly who are by no way responsible for what happens to him anyway … . Why would u like to talk to his valets when u can talk directly to the king anyway … i am wandering … only people in charge can make somethign and implicating someone else makes no sense, not to mention that this is not going to change anything as regard to his situation anyway … .

As for what u mentioned, i don’t know how it can be considered as self promotion, i have no clue how it could be, as well as i have no idea why it was written something like this in the description once the link had been removed and i tend to believe that this is just one additional of these famous pre-made feedbacks that he was given, nothing else, that’s not a big deal though.

Thanks for replying

Thanks for understanding what I actually meant

don’t fool yourself, i also did buddy, it is just that i do not really think that was the appropriate way, but i understand