Bundle Rejected, But Why?

Hello guys,

I’ve just gotten one of my business card bundles rejected (on graphicriver). As we all know bundles contains files that are already accepted on this site so it shouldn’t be possible to reject it as being “poor quality” or whatever they want to call it.

Funny enough I got this reason when rejected:

Unfortunately your submission Business Cards Bundle #9 isn’t ready for
GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum
requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for
submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and
technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of
Envato’s policies.

How is it possible to reject a bundle? I’ve always gotten bundles accepted. I’ve never even heard of bundles getting rejected because as I said they already contain accepted items and you can’t reject those items.

This is hopefully just a mistake on the reviewers part and resubmitting it should be okay.

Please tell me what to do.

How old are the files included?

How many constitutes the bundle?

Did you mention in submission that they were previously approved?

They’re from June to September 2013. And the bundle includes 2 items.

No I didn’t mention that (and never did when my bundles got accepted). Though the item description links to both items that are already on graphicriver, so the reviewer should be able to tell that they’ve previously been approved and active items on the market.

(I know they exist but) I a not sure the reviewers are as open as they used to be about ‘bundles’ that only contain two files (this is not the first post here recently where this happened).

Also things change a lot in 2-3 years in terms of expectation, quality and design and possible (I am not a designer so not the best person to judge) something that was ok sometime ago is now not quite up to the standard.

hi Charlie, well indeed, u maybe right but let’s face it , i have seen some being accept today , so that would be cool to have a crystal clear guideline in this side, and define clearly if we can do or not …

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If that is the case, then they might as well tell you that your items in the bundle is not worth being on their site anymore and you should delete them. That’s pretty much the message they are giving people by rejecting it with the reason of the quality not being up to the standards anymore.

And if it is the case, then I think it’s a very bad move, because they could lose some of the best selling items ever made by doing this. But, I am still looking forward to hear the reason of this from staff (if they do reply that is).

Have you requested an explanation form the review?

I would expect that this is the main issue. In terms of older files no longer being appropriate -

  • I would image that this is judged on a per file basis
  • Just because it is not right to ‘resubmit’ as a new file inline with newer files does not mean it is not justified beng on the site

Have you requested an explanation form the review?

I just did as you told me, I didn’t know that you should do that. (barely used the forum before).

i think that there should be at least 3 items in bundle to be accepted.
you said that your bundle contains only 2 items, that could be problem…

Hi there, with 2 items in bundle You simply breaking the Envato rules - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821580-File-Packs-GraphicRiver :wink:

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OK I see that it could be the reason, the rejection message could indicate that this is the problem. But, I do have many bundles with just 2 items. Also, a lot people is creating bundles with 2 items and they get accepted everyday in many categories.

Maybe it’s against the rules or maybe not. How can you tell when they accept bundles with just 2 items all the time.

But, if this is the reason, then it’s no problem for me to make bundles with 3 items instead.

Imo it is the reviewers fault, that they approve bundles with 2 itmes, while their own rules are to have 3+ items in it, but You are right, that it should be stated in the rejection message. May be Envato need to rework these rules at first place :wink:

and why a bundle could not be a two item recollection anyway?

That’s the rules set by Envato, check the link I’ve posted before :wink:

yes but rules must rely on reason / reasons …

While I agree that reviewers could/should mention this rule in a rejection of it is only based on that cause, (I still imagine this case may have something to do with files being nearly 3 years old)…

If envato chose to say that there has to be X number of items included they don’t have to give a reason - it’s their marketplace and therefore their choice.

yes Charlie, this is true, however , how can people understand if some are rejected because they put two creations in a bundle while some others have it approved in the same conditions … . I also think that the thing “envato owns the marketplace and does whatever they like” is not cool for authors to consider, when envato and authors should have a partnership …