MusicEngine - Social Music Sharing Platform not buy this!!

How can I block an account of multiple other paid license !!!
It’s shameful of you, never again would I buy a script on your site, because I asked for a rembouse for the MusicEngine script - Social Music Sharing Platform, I opened a support ticket but I do not possible not to answer the author of the script because all I have is a blank page with this error {“error”: “invalid_request”, “error_description”: “Wrong RedirectUri provided”}.

here is what you will have with this script, do not encode the videos when you want to use ffmpeg on your site, I spent whole days trying to make his script work, but nothing tried, multiple OS centos 6/7 debain 8/9, and panel,plesk,centos web panel,cpanel with all times ffmpeg installed and nothing to do!
that’s the full screen of the video sent!

this is the bug of the video player when leaves the full screen with esc

Hello @dechavanne.
FFmpeg is different from video player and these two are not related to each other.

FFmpeg only encodes the video once time and does not run it every time it runs the video player.
However, the script you say does not require ffmpeg.
if you make this with ffmpeg, do not use FFmpeg as a general tool , with a lot of requests (like video player), the server may be under heavy pressure.

It’s best to check the video player in a variety of other browsers. Also, change the video.