Música del video

Hola a tod@s

¿Alguien sabe la música de este vídeo?

Por cierto, ¿por qué no hay información en la descripción sobre la música que se utiliza en los vídeos?, es una locura encontrarlas.:scream:
Muchos de los montajes están editados al ritmo de la música que se ha utilizado para ese vídeo. Tendría que haber un enlace que te llevara a donde está la música para descargarla.


Here is audio

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@steve314 crediting the music is mandatory!! Please amend asap!

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@PurpleFog Hey Purplefog. I have credited the music I used in the item description in Videohive page. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Card by steve314 | VideoHive But unfortunately Element description does not permit links. In the audiojungle field I added the music id, as asked, but it’s up to Elements Market to let this info appear. I hope this helps. Happy holidays! Steve

You seem to be confused on what the rules are. Music has to be credited on Elements. Even if you credit it on VideoHive, even if you cannot put links.

Have a read at the help section to know how to do it right:

Hope it helps! Happy holidays as well!


@PurpleFog Oh,this was very helpful. I always thought that the music id in the music attribution field was ingnored because of a bug in the Elements system… I will update all my files! Thank you and happy holidays!