Help to identify video song

Can you help me identify this song Cuento de Navidad por VisualGear en Envato Elements

This is a track by @WildSound, who should let @VisualGear know how they feel about having their music used without being credited. This is unacceptable, it’s a breach of Envato’s terms and a betrayal or the music author.

Why is this careless behavior still so common on Elements? Is there no one policing this service?

Hello @PurpleFog

Thank you for your desire to set up justice.
This soundtrack was linked to the description since the first day of the project’s publication

As an author working with the Market and with the Elements, I can’t create or edit Element’s description. I can just transfer a copy of the project and its trailer to the Elements.

Please use your energy to fix it. I will gladly use an opportunity to add more information to every project.

Usually authors include a text “help file” document in the ZIP file. This file contains links to fonts, music, etc. Since the buyer cannot find the desired track, I dare to assume that you are neglecting the inclusion of textual ducomments :man_shrugging:

Then how come some authors are able to do it and thus comply with Envato’s terms? Have a look at @Creattive portfolio on Elements to see how it’s supposed to be done. If they can do it, why can’t you? Maybe you should use your energy to familiarize yourself with the rules and hows of Elements, and do right by the author whose music you’ve used.

@PurpleFog I don’t know. I would gladly take the opportunity to add descriptions (and attributions) to my products on Envato Elements, but in my settings, there is no such option. Perhaps it is a level thing?
The same products on Envato Market contain editable descriptions, but Elements does not from my profile.

@romlam Absolutely agree. I just double-checked the pack from the Elements. It has a Help File with all the links and attributions.

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There must be a way to edit the descriptions right? You don’t see any options for it within the author dashboard (Sign In | Envato Account)? Last I saw, there was a way to view all of your Elements items from there, and to edit their descriptions, tags, etc.

I’m also very interested in hearing how @Creattive has done this. I’d like to help fix this problem with Enseek when I have the time for it, so knowing how it can be done would be great. :+1:

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Videohive items on elements need to be edited via videohive. In the Edit tab, there is a Text description box. that is what is shown on elements.


@Creattive and @baileyherbert

Thank you for your help. I’ve found that box and have put the information there.
I don’t see any immediate result. But I hope it will appear one day.