What is the audio used in this project?

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Music is “Christmas” by Sonicsphere and it is available on AudioJungle only.


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@Fixik you’ve been selling on Envato for over a decade and you still don’t know the rules??

Crediting the music is MANDATORY!!! @sonicsphere never agreed to have their music used without being properly credited, did they?

Please fix ASAP!!

Hello, music featured in the preview (The link is on this item page): Christmas, Music | AudioJungle

@PurpleFog you’ve been selling on Envato for over a decade and
before to make claims, You need have to go to this page of project and make sure that there is link to audiojungle!!!

You seem to be confused, so let me rephrase: crediting the music is mandatory on ELEMENTS as well!

Thank you sir, I will do as you request!! :slight_smile:

It’s not my request, it’s your requirement.

I’m trying to add link to AJ, but it doesn’t show in EE. How is that achieved?

Envato made it so that you cannot link from Elements to the marketplaces. It’s a moronic decision on their part, but that’s where we’re at.

All you can do is credit the music (title, item ID, author name) as plain text.

Side note: the fact that they now have a neat box for the music used, but only when it is available on Elements, is freaking infuriating!! This deliberate attack on the AJ portfolio is a real shame and frankly disgusting.

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Just to be clear, you still have to credit the music @Fixik ! I see that you have yet to do it on the item posted in this thread by OP.

It’s not optional! This breach of the terms needs to be remedied now.

thank you for reminding me, the information has been added. I was waiting for an answer from technical support on how to make it beautiful :slight_smile: