Music Pack suggestion

I’m a programmer as my daytime job and there’s one simple enhancement I’d really love to see on AudioJungle. It should be quite trivial thing to implement and based on the amount of revenue Envato makes each day, the budget shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Music Packs are wonderful concept, but total pain in the ass to build manually. First you have to figure out all the details for all the tunes, find the relevant files, create the watermarked version etc…

All this should be automated.

Envato should implement a simple tool which could be accessed from the author UI where you could see what tunes you already have included in packs and what are still available from which genres. You could create a new pack by checking out the relevant tunes after which you could write the pack description and you’d see all the relevant details of each of the tunes you have picked (lengths, bpms what not). You could also define the order which they appear in the watermarked preview which the backend would generate on the fly.

After that, it would be just simple click of the button and the newly create music pack would enter the queue.


Yes, as say , in principle not bad , the team Envato have its vision ) :smirk:

Well it seems idiotic that the artists should spend time creating a package containing only data that Envato already has. It is 2016 after all.

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This is science-fiction. What’s next then? Automatic watermarking of the uploaded files? :wink:
Great suggestion!

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Now let’s not get too far into the fictional territory. After all, there are limits you can do with the internets and all that teqchnolochy that relates to it…

But couldn’t it be as simple as making a collection, make a description and send it in for review to set a price?

Yes, that would be perfect! It’s a drag making the preview, writing another description, getting all the track times, linking to each individual track…

it’s really great idea! support

Yes indeed! this great idea.

Awesome idea @OuranioRecordings , I hate colletcting files when I want to upload pack …

The other factor which makes this a really good idea is that reviewing and checking the packs with the current system must be as much a time consuming pain for the reviewers as it is for the authors to put them together in the first place. A more automated process would probably free up a lot of reviewing time and help keep the queues down.

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