automated bundle creation



As most have become aware of the ballooning review times, particularly on Audiojungle, and envato just announing that certain authors would be eligible to update an items files automatically with no need for a reviewer, I think it’s a good idea to continue to the think about other ways review times can get back to a more reasonable level.

My idea I’d like to propose to envato is that they would come up with a way for authors to automatically create bundles without the need for a review process. The way this would work is this: When you select on the dashboard to upload a bundle it would go to a page showing all your portfolio items (in the category you are uploading (music pack, logo pack, graphics pack etc…). An item would be greyed out if it has already been included in a bundle but if it hasn’t already been included there would be a checkbox by that item. To create a bundle you would select the items you would like to be included in a bundle and then fill out a text box with your bundle description. Basically, if Envato could implement an automated process where after selecting the items you want in a bundle and you fill out all necessary fields the system would automatically create the files needed from the existing zip files and the existing previews.

Since all bundled items have already been reviewed for their quality the only need for a review of those items now is to make sure all the main file items have been bundled together properly and the appropriate links to the original files have been created and a few other technical things like this. If all these things could be automated that would eliminate a big load for the reviewers.

Any thoughts on this idea or additions to what I already thought of?


I think bundles are a horrible idea. If everyone created a bundle it would make the buyer experience even harder with more options to go through before settling on something.

Plain bundles of existing items should be removed in my honest opinion. If envato wants to allow bundling of existing items they should offer a discount for buying multiple items at once, and not let authors upload a new item to flood the market with discounts.

390000 existing items and 130000 audiojungle authors. If every author made a bundle that would be an extra 130000 items for buyers to look through before finding one suitable.



Well first off, I do agree with you the audiojungle is completely oversaturated and that the possibility of removing all bundles should be considered. However, with review times pushing past a month on audiojungle I think we need to think of additional ways that review times can be lowered. Bundles aren’t difficult to put together so adding this type of functionality won’t necessarily add more bundles to audiojungle than there already is with the current method of uploading them. Basically you either are the type of author who wants to discount your items in bundles in hopes of more visibility on envato or you are the type who doesn’t. Assuming envato isn’t planning on removing all bundles from their sites I think this is one additional way that could help existing review wait times to come down from their current levels.


@illuminations, I think it is great idea! :+1: