Music licenses - what is one end product


I am creating web video promotion ads for a product and have 3 versions of the video with only change in background and some graphical elements (animation is the same, text is the same). And each of those I have in two dimensions (horizonal, vertical). So all together 6 videos for the same product with the same basic content.

I want to put the same music on all videos. Is one license enough? Do I need 2 licenses (per dimension) or 3 licenses (per change in video background, graphics) or 6 licenses?

I think it should be only one license as the video content is basically the same, but from the Q&A it’s hard to tell for sure.


The two different formats (vertical and horizontal) would be covered with a same license in my opinion, though it is not explicitly stated in the license terms.

As for the three versions, it would depend on the scope of the variation. Minor modifications would be considered allowed variations. Is changing the whole video background just a minor modification? It would depend on the importance of that background for this video.


One more question, if the videos are intended only for web/digital advertising, is the Broadcast license needed?

No, the Broadcast license is solely for broadcast use such as TV, radio, or assimilated services (Netflix, Hulu,…)

For a normal web use, the Standard license will be enough.

Thank you! :raised_hands: