Music Licence & TV Advertisement

A custommer told me my music will be used on a Tv Advertisement video, but he only bought a standard licence.

Is it OK ? What should i do ?


First, you need to let your buyer know he needs a broadcast license for TV uses. If he complies, end of story. If he doesn’t, open a ticket with support. They may be of help.


Ok, thank you very much, i’m gonna wait for the media to be ready and i’ll ask him…

Here’s a similar thread:

Try to contact support, but honestly, I don’t think anybody can do anything about that.

I used to share your doubts Mike, but I had a similar situation and, to my surprise, support did help. Buyer eventually bought a broadcast license.

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I wouldn’t wait. If it is an honest mistake, it’d be best to fix it right away and avoid complications.

If buyer contacted you to tell you they’re going to use your music on TV, just reply “Awesome! but it seems you didn’t get a broadcast license, which is mandatory for TV uses…” Something along those lines.


Yes, definitely contact the buyer right away, no waiting!

This happened to me too, Support had the customer purchase the correct license within a week, I was really impressed! Contact Support :slight_smile: