My song is on a TV advert, but only standard license bought!

Hi all,

I’ve just discovered my song is being used in an advert on national TV in Canada, but when I checked my statement, they only bought a standard licence… What do I do about this? Does Envato have any facility to protect authors from misuse of licensing?

Here’s the advert…

This is what they have said on Instagram:

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Sorry to hear about that. You should contact support. They may be able to help. A professional agency will probably not want to jeopardize their access to a source of music such as AJ. So they’ll most likely comply with what AJ will tell them to do. Make sure you make clear to support you demand they get the highest tier license as the ad ran across Canada (over 10 millions peeps there, right?).

In the meantime do not contact the buyer yourself, it will be counter productive. Be patient, for me it took 2 months I think.

Hope you get it resolved!

Hi PurpleFogSound,

Thanks for your reply! That’s exactly what I thought, and have done.


How did you discover this ?

Doing the standard searches over Google, I stumbled across it :slight_smile:

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Good luck, and great track by the way!

I’d contact them myself, might get a quicker resolution. Although I’d advise you to keep it polite, professional and steer clear of making accusations… it could be a genuine mistake. If they don’t get back to you, or do the right thing, then you can make it a bit more clear that there will be consequences.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Envato insisted I did not when that happened to me. And I really think this is the way to go indeed. They have the leverage, they have the contact info, they have the process, the legal team,…

Ultimately, if Envato doesn’t come through, author will have to contact them directly, though he/she would probably need a lawyer as Envato having failed means it’s not going to be easy.

Hey SpaceStockFootage,

Support have been in touch and said they may be able to sort this problem out. I’ll wait to see what they can do for me first! I’d like to think it is a genuine mistake.


this might have happened for two reasons if you ask me

  1. They just purchased the song, not observing that there are more licenses available, as they have seen the big 19 USD figure and they clicked Buy.
  2. They knew that there are multiple licenses, but they were “cheap” and got the cheapest one.

Don’t tell me that canadians don’t have money. Especially digital audio-video production facilities. They have heaps. And if they broadcast it over the whole country, they are in a big business where the difference between 19 USD and 300 USD does not count.

Definitely get in touch with them, ask them kindly to buy the appropriate license, and leave room for further future collaborations. Envato getting this resolved is another option too, but I think you should personally contact them.

cheers and good luck!

Hey SoundLoungeStudio,

A third option maybe… they bought a cheap license (possibly on a couple of tracks) to make the commercial with the intention of buying a larger license once they had either decided on a track and/or the commercial was ready to air?
I’d like to think they can afford the appropriate license, as according to their tweet, they could afford a Disney voiceover guy to narrate the commercial! Let’s hope it’s just a mistake…

Anyway, I am going to see what the Envato team can do in this situation first, as I’m sure they’ve had to deal with this scenario many times before.


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that’s true

well, I wish you luck with this endeavour

cheers mate

I agree )))

Hey Guys, just an update on this thread.
After I got in touch with Envato about this, they contacted the company who have now purchased the correct license so all good! Thanks a lot everyone that contributed to helping and to the Envato team (Richard) for sorting the issue out :smiley:

Have a great day everyone!



Awesome news! Glad Envato came through and had it resolved. So… congrats on your Big license! :sunglasses:


Congratulations!!! :smiley:

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Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Cheers @PurpleFogSound @Manriquedelara @JamesElliott :beers:

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